Curt Fischer, who founded the Midgard brand in 1919 in the Thuringian town of Auma, was the owner of a factory where machines for the production of industrial porcelain were built. Unhappy with the lighting situation in his factory, where the overhead light cast the shadow of the workers’ bodies, obscuring the pieces they were working on, he developed a solution to this problem: adjustable lamps.

Customers of the machine lamps (series 500) can choose between different arm lengths and between various types of shades and colours, according to individual requirements. The lamps and all their parts are produced in Germany, using the original tools and techniques: the die-cast aluminium joints and the hand-cast shades are assembled in Hamburg. The Machine Lamp is available as table, wall, floor or ceiling lamp.

Dimension: Arm 1: 40 cm Arm 2: 30 cm 

A great way to configure your personal Midgard lamp is with the 3D configurator. 

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