Berker Arsys

Mission (im)possible

The extremely versatile “Arsys” comes in a wide variety of covers and designs. As a result, it is suitable for use in almost any design context.

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Berker Configurator


  • Rámeček 1 x
  • Rámeček 2 x
  • Rámeček 3 x
  • Rámeček 4x
  • Rámeček 5 x
  • Rámeček Vertical
  • Rámeček Horizontal
  • Rámeček Nástěnné


  • Inserts Switch
  • Inserts Socket outlet
  • Inserts Series switch
  • Inserts USB Charging Socket
  • Inserts Rotary dimmer
  • Inserts Switch with pilot lamp
  • Inserts Touch dimmer
  • Inserts Motion Dedector


  • Materials Solid metal
  • Materials Plastic


  • Barvy White
  • Barvy Bronze
  • Barvy Brown
  • Barvy Creme
  • Barvy Copper
  • Barvy Stainless steel