Berker K.5 burnished brass

Manufaktur edition

This switch is something of an icon. It looks like it’s come straight out of an architect’s bungalow in the 1970s, yet it is as popular today as ever. The shape is effortlessly elegant and the polished brass enhances the look further still. The light switch looks the part in retro-inspired interiors as well as in ultra-modern, minimalist architecture. Nothing strikes a more effective look, especially set against raw material finishes such as concrete, stone or wood.

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Berker Configurator


  • Rámeček 1 x
  • Rámeček 2 x
  • Rámeček 3 x
  • Rámeček 4x
  • Rámeček 5 x


  • Inserts Switch
  • Inserts Socket outlet
  • Inserts Series switch
  • Inserts USB Charging Socket
  • Inserts Rotary dimmer
  • Inserts Switch with pilot lamp
  • Inserts Touch dimmer
  • Inserts Motion Dedector


  • Materials Brass


  • Barvy Brass