Berker Q.7

Giving rooms personality

How fast can the own personality be transferred to rooms? With Q.7 immediately. As a member of the Q-switch family it uses the same platform as its sibling Q.1 and Q.3 - whereby the exchange is effortless. How to do this? Simply remove existing items and replace Q.7 on support frames and rockers. Of course, it inserts and functions remain unchanged. Multiple framework allowing the combination of up to 5 units, vertically or horizontally.

The frames for the new switch range have a total height of 10 mm: 4 mm of real material and 6 mm of translucent carrier material. The frame takes on the colour of its background material and brings the real material to the fore so that it almost appears to be floating. The rockers and centre plates can be used in any combination, creating a staggering range of options. The materiality and format of the Berker Q.7 frames make them exceptionally distinctive. The Q platform offers a huge selection of designs, from simple materials like plastic for functional buildings to high-quality real materials for residential construction.

Available materials: aluminum, stainless steel, Glass polar white, glass black, slate, concrete.

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Berker Configurator


  • Rámeček 1 x
  • Rámeček 2 x
  • Rámeček 3 x
  • Rámeček 4x
  • Rámeček 5 x


  • Inserts Switch
  • Inserts Socket outlet
  • Inserts Series switch
  • Inserts USB Charging Socket
  • Inserts Rotary dimmer
  • Inserts Switch with pilot lamp
  • Inserts Touch dimmer
  • Inserts Motion Dedector


  • Materials Beton
  • Materials Slate
  • Materials Aluminium
  • Materials Steel
  • Materials Glass
  • Materials Stainless Steel