Berker R.1


It stands unmistakably in the tradition of great switch ranges. And still, the Berker R.1 interprets the round radius anew in its own way. With its soft frame contour and a variety of functional versions, the soft round switch is an accompaniment for all residential and furnishing projects.

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Berker Configurator


  • Rámeček 1 x
  • Rámeček 2 x
  • Rámeček 3 x
  • Rámeček 4x
  • Rámeček 5 x
  • Rámeček Vertical
  • Rámeček Horizontal


  • Materials Acryl
  • Materials Slate
  • Materials Beton
  • Materials Wood
  • Materials Aluminium
  • Materials Leather
  • Materials Plastic
  • Materials Glass
  • Materials Stainless Steel


  • Barvy Beton - shrapened
  • Barvy White
  • Barvy Slate - natural
  • Barvy Black
  • Barvy Red
  • Barvy Aluminium
  • Barvy Brown
  • Barvy Stainless steel
  • Barvy Orange

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