DOT 33

Furniture Knob

DOT is the best selling knob of Bäccman & Berglund designed by Fia Berglund and Malin Bäccman which started their label in 2008. B&B combine genuine craftsmanship with innovative design in classic materials. Their love for metals, the passion for design and an ambition to give each product a high quality finish and exclusive feel, make their collections very unique. All products are made in solid materials, without coating. This will make them oxidised and they will age with grace. DOT is available in three different heights 18/19/33 mm and diameters 18/30/50 mm and comes in polished brass, brushed brass, polished copper, brushed copper, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, black and brushed aluminum. DOT is also available as glass door knob.

Sizes in mm (H/Ø): DOT 33 (33/Ø 18mm) - DOT 55 (55/Ø 30mm) - DOT 71 (71/Ø 50mm)


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  • Materials Aluminium
  • Materials Copper
  • Materials Brass
  • Materials Stainless Steel


  • S
  • M
  • L


  • Barvy Black
  • Barvy Aluminium
  • Barvy Copper
  • Barvy Brass - brushed
  • Barvy Brass - polished
  • Barvy Stainless Steel

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