The Contemporary House in Munich


A forward-looking home for four occupants, the whole thing on 200 square metres of living space and for a maximum of 250,000 Euros: the conditions in the competition for The Contemporary House were as succinct as they were clear. The result can currently be seen on the edge of messestadt riem in munich. The contemporary house designed by architects Allmann Sattler Wappner is not some prototype divorced from reality: it is a quite pragmatic response to today’s lifestyle issues.

Switches and socket outlets are supplied by Berker. “From the creative aspect, a switching system must radiate independence and calmness”, suggests architect Markus Allmann, “and the Berker K.1 is a very positive example of calmness. That is why we have chosen it for the power points in The Contemporary House.” For its alarm, light control and WC flushing systems, on the other hand, the architects opted for the Berker TS which was heavily modified at the Berker factory. The result was that The Contemporary House became not just a functional prototype, but also a construction that is exemplary in terms of its aesthetic appeal.