New construction of cabins and facilities of the football club Klánovice

When beauty, practicality and functionality serve sport

The area of ​​the football club is located on the eastern edge of Klánovice next to the nature park Klánovice – Čihadla. The changing rooms with the background of the football stadium were created according to the design of the studio 20–20–ARCHITEKTI under the baton of Ing. architect Zdenek Rychtařík. The new building replaces the former background of the sports field and is designed pragmatically with regard to the operational and functional use of individual spaces as a simple two-story cubic mass with a flat roof, from which the single-story background of the playground extends. "Towards the playing area, the facade is mostly glazed and framed by the structure of the so-called tribune. The other facades are full with minimal glazing, except for the eastern horizontal window to the office. The building is mostly plastered in a light gray shade, with inserted wooden fields of larch planks on the southern facade, which frame the grid of the steel structure of the tribune in an anthracite shade," explains Zdeněk Rychtařík of the concept of the building's appearance.

In the purposefully designed interior, you will find everything a football club needs: several changing rooms with washrooms, a gym, a clubhouse and an office, a referee area and a technology room. On the ground floor of the building, there is also a buffet with facilities with delivery through a window into the covered area under the grandstand. There are also enough storage rooms for the maintenance of the outdoor areas of the area. The entire building is heated and tempered by a gas boiler, equipped with an air conditioning system with recuperation and reuse of gray water. The building receives water from a deep well and has been prepared for roof photovoltaic panels, which are expected in the future. Ing. Šimon Matějovský from the studio 20–20–ARCHITEKTI, who participated in the implementation of the facilities for the Klanovica football club, adds to the architectural design of the interior of the building: door fillings. Internal air conditioning installations are also visually resolved. The interior is completed by berker Q.3 switches and sockets in anthracite color, which corresponds to the color of the outer steel structure of the grandstand."


All switches, sockets and final wiring elements berker Q.3 were supplied by the design store MONOBRAND. Berker switches belong to the portfolio of the Hager company, which, in addition to interior terminal control elements, supplied a complete electrical installation solution for new construction. From switch cabinets to modular devices for safe energy management to motion sensors or berker W.1 outdoor sockets with higher IP55 protection. Thomas Grund, general manager of the Czech branch of Hager Electro, adds to the choice of switches: "berker Q.3 switches are one of our architects' most popular switches. Their almost purist appearance and understated colors are complemented by one more desirable feature, and that is the material they are made of. It is a high-quality plastic with a special velvet finish. They are therefore surprisingly pleasant to the touch," explains Thomas Grund. And you can discover one more delight in the interior of the club's dressing rooms: a special custom-made switch with a print of the AC Sparta Praha logo. Thomas Grund, a big football fan himself, who actively participates in youth work at the club, adds: "We wanted the children to see how far they can go with their diligence and honest training every day. It's such a joke, a joke for our young players," smiles Thomas Grund. The switch with a custom-made print was created as part of the custom production program of Hager Manufaktura. "Speak almost any wish for the appearance of the switch and Hager Manufaktura will fulfill it for you. Not only the printing of the switch, but also any RAL color shade, engraving, use of special materials including precious metals or non-traditional surface treatment are possible. With this custom manufacturing program, you can have a switch like no other. And one such special football club now has one here in Klánovice," concludes Thomas Grund.

The new facility for FK Klánovice is proof of how great things can be achieved with the support of the City of Prague and the local government, the assignment of the project to a quality architectural office and the helping hand of the interested companies. The result is a high-quality, imaginative, perfectly functional building, which, thanks to its timelessness and well-thought-out design, has the ambition not only to serve the clan club for many decades, but also to become an example worthy of imitation for others. "I am happy that the new facilities will serve several generations, especially children and young players, who, thanks to the excellent facilities, will feel good about "football", will like to go to training sessions, exercise and play sports. And that's what it's all about," concludes Alena Kolovrátková, mayor of the Prague - Klánovice district.