Etat-des-Lieux, a contemporary lighting system defined by its variable silhouette, pays homage to the scenic Laurentian mountains and their majestic reflections in nearby waters. Engineered using innovative design and unique technical savvy, the timeless geometric installation inspired by the beauty of the landscape, is infused with precision and poetry. Clean-lined and aesthetically spare, the versatile structure can be configured according to the demands of any space it inhabits, whether public or residential. Starting from a base foundation of one light point, Etat-des-Lieux can be arranged in countless ways, growing in space in any orientation, it can include multitudinous light modules to create a monumental and striking centrepiece. Hollowed light points with soft rounded edges, available in five various mood-setting tints of glass, hang from flat straps that can be adjusted to the desired length. Playful and unconventional, it also allows for an orientation of the light beam, either up or down, setting a mystifying atmosphere.

Diameter: 28 cm (11 in)
Width: 26 cm (10 in)

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d'Armes Luminaires Configurator


  • Materials Glass - clear
  • Materials Sklo - satin


  • Barvy White
  • Barvy Brown
  • Barvy Purple
  • Barvy Grey

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