Influenced by minimalism art, Ghost Chandelier is all about combining light and sculptures into graphic lighting design. Ghost is characterized by an illuminating white acrylic tube, running in different directions to create an organic system of ambient light.

Based on a hand sketch, the design adds a graphic and artistic atmosphere to the space. It attracts the eyes attention with its constantly changing appearance, forming different patterns and shapes according to the viewpoint. Ghost instantly becomes a statement piece in any kind of interior.

Ghost Chandelier comes in two sizes and has an inbuild LED light source with a warm colour nuance. Details of bronze metal fittings adds the last touch to the minimalistic design. The chandelier is carried by four stainless steel wires, adjustable to the desired room height


Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.


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  • Materials Solid metal


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  • Barvy White

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