Bay window apartment in Pařížská street, Prague 1

Interior designer Ivanka Kowalski faced an exciting challenge: to completely renovate a small apartment in an Art Nouveau house in Old Town part of Prague so it meets the up-to-date standard of high quality living. Though the investor will be using the place occassionaly rather than for permanent living, the representative location in Pařižská street did not allow for the renovation and make-over to finish half-way. The apartment revealed several original Art Nouveau features, which offered themselves for re-invention: stucco ceilings, original window handles, cassette wall panelling. Especially the bay window itself represented the central point of this apartment, which deserved to be highlighted and senstitively used.

During the reconstruction it was necessary to use every centimeter of precious space and to deal with certain issues: panelling below the windows was damaged and had to be replaced by high-quality replicas. Also the entrance door and adjacent space was contradicting the style of the apartment and the whole house. According to Ivanka Kowalski the biggest challenge of all was to deal with the floor plan of this 67m2 apartment, which was quite unfortunate before the make-over, because it was divided into 2 joined rooms. It was not an easy task to create a setting for modern and representative living, mentions Ivanka Kowalski.

After the successful reconstruction the apartment features combination of whitened oak parquet floor, white cream wall paint and lacquered wall panelling, supplemented with grey-white Carara marble and brass details. Noble atmosphere of this high-ceiling apartment completes also cast-iron radiators and retro switch programme berker serie 1930. All those details underline the whole character of the place. The interior was appripriately equipped with hand-made lights from Michael Anastassiades and Giopato Coombes and collection of brass handles and fixtures from Belgium producer of high-end fixtures Maison Vervloet - all coming from the portfolio of Monobrand design store. Katrin Grund, the owner of Monobrand design store explains: The smaller the place the more important is to work with details, such as high-quality switch and electricity programme, door handles and other fittings. Thanks to its timeless design and high-quality materials they can represent a cherry on a cake of every well-designed interior.

Despite this being a small apartment, thanks to the new floor plan, colours and materials used it gives an impression of a much larger and more spacious place, states Ivanka Kowalski.

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