Tense Motivity LINE

The smallest KNX motion sensor

We prouldy present our elegant and refined Motivity range.
You can integrate these motion detectors discretely in your interior or use them to make a design statement.

This motion detector is the smallest line detector in the world. The black/white plastic rosette can be cut off for a minimalistic end result.
With it's narrow detection zone an ideal choice for hallways and staircases. The KNX Motivity Line Black (KNX_MOTLIB) contains a motion detector and a temperature sensor,
while the Motivity Line White (KNX_MOTLIW) as well has the ability to monitor brightness. The 12V DC motion detector exists also in white (NOC_MOTIW) and black (NOC_MOTIB) and only supports motion detecting.

Every KNX Motivity has four functions:

1. Motion detection:
- Up to 4 different output actions are available, which can be activated
independently under certain conditions (e.g. day/night):
- Switching, dimming, recalling scenes, sending 1 or 2 byte unsigned values
All these output actions are possible with a programmable switch-off delay and can
also be brightness dependent. A blocking object functionality and ventilation control are available as well. Master/Slave Mode is possible.
2. Brightness detection:
- Both the Motivity Ceiling White, Motivity Line White and Motivity Plus White are
equipped with a brightness sensor.
3. Temperature:
- Every Motivity has an internal temperature sensor and a thermostat function.
4. Other functions:
- Timers, scene module, basic logic functions, up/down counters

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