Tense Motivity PLUS

KNX motion sensor

We prouldy present our elegant and refined Motivity range.
You can integrate these motion detectors discretely in your interior or use them to make a design statement.

The surface-mount detector for in- and outdoor use has a very elegant design, has no visible lens, is weatherproof (IP52) and is very subtle thanks to its 73 x 30 mm dimensions. The white Motivity Plus (KNX_MOTPLUS_W) has a built-in brightness and temperature sensor on top of its motion detecting capabilities, where the black Motivity Plus (KNX_MOTPLUS_B) supports motion and temperature sensing. The 12V DC motion detector exists in white (NOC_MOTPLUS_W) and black (NOC_MOTPLUS_B) and only supports motion detection.

Every KNX Motivity has four functions:

1. Motion detection:
- Up to 4 different output actions are available, which can be activated
independently under certain conditions (e.g. day/night):
- Switching, dimming, recalling scenes, sending 1 or 2 byte unsigned values
All these output actions are possible with a programmable switch-off delay and can
also be brightness dependent. A blocking object functionality and ventilation control are available as well. Master/Slave Mode is possible.
2. Brightness detection:
- Both the Motivity Ceiling White, Motivity Line White and Motivity Plus White are
equipped with a brightness sensor.
3. Temperature:
- Every Motivity has an internal temperature sensor and a thermostat function.
4. Other functions:
- Timers, scene module, basic logic functions, up/down counters

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