V Bezovém údolí

Transformation of a unique cottage into a relaxing resort

The half-timbered building in the picturesque Kryštof údolí represents a unique example of village folk architecture of the 17th century, however, the oldest part of the house was even built in the 16th century! At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, a structurally significant modification took place: two half-timbered wings were added to the originally normal rectangular floor plan of the cottage, which created a cross in plan. Today, the house is one of only eight well-preserved cross-shaped cottages (that is, cottages with a cross-shaped floor plan) in the Czech Republic.

The owner of the shack was bought at a time when there were already plans for its reconstruction, which was designed by architect Jiří Jiroutek – a specialist in historical gems. However, Michal immediately actively entered the architectural solution. From the beginning of the reconstruction, he had a clear intention: Visually preserve the original character, work with respect for history and traditions, with maximum use of original or natural materials. But under a traditional cover, so that the hotel offers modern technology, functionality and comfort of today.

During the reconstruction, Mr. and Mrs. Hošek tried as much as possible to overhaul, renovate or produce replicas of the original elements, but they were not afraid to supplement the traditional elements with the most modern equipment, accessories and artistic artifacts.

The switches, sockets and other control wiring used in the boutique hotel are based on Hager's berker serie 1930 design line, but have been customized. The white rotary switches, which refer to the appearance of the first rotary switches from the 1930s, received a velvety soft Softtouch surface at the request of Michal Hošek.

"We met Michal Hošek at the Designblok trade fair in 2015. At that time, together we came up with a solution for the reconstruction of his private cottage, where in the end the traditional 1930 Berker series switches made of Bakelite and white porcelain were used," recalls Thomas Grund, CEO of Hager in Czech republic.

"However, no standard series of switches suited us for the perfectly thought-out interiors of the boutique hotel, so we finally brought a solution within the Hager Manufaktura custom production program in the form of switches with a specially modified Softtouch velvet surface," adds Katrin Grund, founder of the MONOBRAND design store, which switches delivered to the hotel.

"Berker switches exactly copy our intention in the boutique hotel - to bring the most modern technologies under the traditional skin. The reason why I chose berker switches again was not only their appearance, but also their high-quality design and, above all, a comprehensive range of devices.

It suited me that, in addition to switches and sockets, we can have shutter controls, dimmers, data, TV and USB sockets and other devices in the same design," explains Michal Hošek.

The visionary approach, inexhaustible drive and personal commitment of Mr. and Mrs. Hošk has borne fruit. Today, the historic cottage uniquely combines a cultural monument with a minimalist approach to interior design, respect for sustainability and the possibility of recharging energy.

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